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RealNetwork's RealPlayer 10 Plays All Digital Media

Dateline: 1/8/04


RealNetworks Logo

RealNetworks Logo

RealNetworks, Inc.
RealNetworks®, Inc. has announced the public availability of RealPlayer® 10. This is the first major new player release from RealNetworks in two years. The company says the RealPlayer 10 makes it easy for consumers to find, play and manage all the digital media on the Web and in their own music collection. RealPlayer 10 is available for immediate download at Real.com.

"RealPlayer 10 is a breakthrough product...one of those once-in-a-generation products that redefines its category," said Rob Glaser, Chairman and CEO of RealNetworks.

The free RealPlayer 10 offers consumers:

  • A new design
  • Support for every major media format and the ability to play music from all of the major online music stores
  • RealNetwork's best quality video and audio codecs ever, RealVideo® 10 and RealAudio® 10
  • Support for over 50 portable music devices, including the iPOD and the Handspring Treo 600
  • Content discovery tools and extensive free content in the new Real Guide
  • An integrated digital music download store with services for discovering music.

    New features such as LivePause™ and PerfectPlay™ make it possible to pause live streams and instantly fast-forward and rewind within both live and on-demand streams. New user controls and installation process make it easy to turn many features and services on or off.

    The free version of RealPlayer 10 can play all of the major formats used on the Web, including Real, Windows Media, QuickTime MPEG-4, MP3, as well as the secure versions of these formats used by online music stores.

    - from a RealNetworks®, Inc. Press Release

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