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Sweet App: BoomBox Internet Radio Player



BoomBox Internet Radio Player

BoomBox Internet Radio Player

The BoomBox Internet Radio Player is a killer app. I haven’t said that about a piece of software in quite a while, but this little guy does so much for the big fat price of free.

BoomBox Internet Radio Player does two things very well: it let’s you quickly select an online streaming audio source to listen to - by category - and then allows you to optionally record what you’re listening to. Nothing is required of you except to install the program. By default it runs right out of the box....or in this case, out of the download.

BoomBox Internet Radio Player has a simple and effective interface. You select the category of audio you want from a drop down list. The help docs say it best: “On the radio listbox you can view the station names, and to view more information click on a station and it will display the full description, whats currently playing, and the station website address. To tune into a station you can either double-click it in the listbox or click on 'Tune In!'.

Besides pre-designated drop-down lists that include a host of genres, the user can also do a manual search by keyword for streams. As a player alone, this application would be more than sufficient but the real surprise is the built-in recorder dubbed the Super Duper Recorder. With a simple click, you can begin recording whatever you are listening to into an .mp3 file. No particular configuration on my part was necessary to get a clean, undistorted file.

But, the Super Duper Recorder also offers some slick options. You can choose to record just the song you’re listening to and when the program detects it has changed to a new song, it automatically stops and saves it to a filename with the name of the artist and song that was being recorded. All this is made possible by Advanced Song Change Detection or ASCD. Upon the completion of one song, the next song will be recorded in the same way and this sequence will continue until you manual stop recording or select option 2.

The second option let’s you STOP recording after the current song (useful if you need to walk away, etc.) Option 3 just records until further notice, useful for Talk Radio or other long recording needs.

Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, and a sound card

The only other requirement for BoomBox Internet Radio Player is that you have installed in your system a SHOUTcast-Compatible player like Winamp, Sonique, MusicMatch Jukebox, etc. On my system RealPlayer worked just fine.

If you’re a fan of online streaming audio, BoomBox Internet Radio Player is a must for your system.

Click For ScreenShot of BoomBox Internet Radio Player

Download from Softsonic website.

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