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How To Use Your VCR To Record Radio Shows


Can't stay home to listen to your favorite Radio show? Here's an easy and efficient way to record them.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: varied

Here's How:

  1. Locate the audio input jack on your VCR. You will usually find it next to the video input. Depending on the model, it might be in the front or back.
  2. Usually, the standard size input will be what is called an "RCA" style input.
  3. Look at the radio you are going to use for the sound source and find the output jack. Typically, it will be a miniature or sub-miniature output. It might be stereo or mono, depending on your radio.
  4. Obtain an adapter cord with the proper plug size on each end to extend from the radio to the VCR.
  5. Typically, you will need a what is called "male" plugs on the adpater, to fit into the radio's output and the VCR input.
  6. An electronics store, like Radio Shack, sells the kinds of adapters you will need.
  7. Turn your VCR to the usual channel you record on. (Channel 3 or Channel 4)
  8. Turn on your radio and turn the volume up about halfway. Your VCR most likely will have a built-in automatic level control.
  9. Leave the radio turned on to the frequency you wish to record.
  10. Set the VCR timer to begin recording at the time the radio show is on you wish to hear.


  1. The first few times you record, check the audio level and adjust as needed.
  2. For long recordings, remember to set your VCR to the "Extended Play" setting.
  3. For higher quality but shorter recordings, use the fastest speed available on your VCR
  4. Using a high-quality tape will enchance your recordings.

What You Need

  • VCR
  • Video Tape
  • Audio Adapter Cords

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