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SIRIUS Satellite Radio to Launch Grateful Dead Channel

Friday August 31, 2007
SIRIUS Satellite Radio is launching a Grateful Dead Channel. The channel will feature music spanning the Grateful Dead’s complete history including rare and unreleased performances, original shows hosted by Grateful ... Read More

TargetSpot Partnering to Place Ads on Internet Radio Streams

Thursday August 30, 2007
TargetSpot, Inc. is making inroads in placing in-stream ads on Internet Radio stations. In April, CBS Radio joined up and agreed to use TargetSpot's technology to serve ads on its ... Read More

The Top 10 Significant Milestones in Modern Radio

Wednesday August 29, 2007
Radio today - Modern Radio - is a far cry from Radio just a decade ago. What was once the sole domain of AM and FM has now been intruded ... Read More

Boost for Internet Radio: WiMax Coming to New York City, Others

Tuesday August 28, 2007
Sprint Nextel and Samsung will work together to roll out WiMax in New York - probably in the fourth quarter of next year. WiMax will turn the New York ... Read More

New Radio vs. Old Radio: The "Haves" and "Have Nots"?

Monday August 27, 2007
Nick Madigan at baltimoresun.com has an interesting perspective on the shakeout of listeners between Old Radio and New Radio: "One theory says that so many listeners are spending money on ... Read More

Bob Grant Returns to 77 WABC-AM/New York

Friday August 24, 2007
That's the word from nydailynews.com. David Hinckley writes: "WABC program director Phil Boyce confirmed yesterday that the 78-year-old Grant, whose 1995 firing made national headlines, will take the 8-10 weeknight ... Read More

radiosophy™ HD100 is an Inexpensive Entry to HD Radio Listening

Thursday August 23, 2007
radiosophy™ has created an entry-level HD Radio unit called the HD 100 which is basic and easy to use. For $99.95 anyone can easily start hearing the new HD Radio ... Read More

XM Satellite Radio Offers College Football from 6 Conferences

Wednesday August 22, 2007
XM Satellite Radio has announced an expanded offering of college football featuring ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10, and SEC. Programming begins August 30. The SEC and Big ... Read More

National Radio Network Geared Toward Women Signs Off

Tuesday August 21, 2007
It's not a good sign when the people who report the Radio news don't know about a new venture until it's going belly up. That's the situation with GreenStone Media. ... Read More

Internet Radio: Now Serving Narrowcasts and Marketing Ploys

Monday August 20, 2007
This article by Antony Bruno from Billboard - picked up by Reuters - hints at the emerging awareness of Internet Radio's power and the benefits of narrowcasting: "Welcome to the ... Read More

The Don Imus Slander Lawsuit: What Case?

Saturday August 18, 2007
Jay Ambrose writes at bostonherald.com: "Kia Vaughn says Don Imus ruined her reputation when he called members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos,”...[and]...Her lawyer, Richard Ancowitz, has been ... Read More

SIRIUS and Sonos Team Up for In-Home Wireless Satellite Radio

Friday August 17, 2007
SIRIUS Satellite Radio and Sonos have joined forces to bring SIRIUS' Internet version of its service to the home via the wireless Sonos Digital Music System. Current subscribers can connect the ... Read More

Elvis: The King Has Left the Building But Not the Radio

Thursday August 16, 2007
Even though Elvis Presley has been gone since August 16, 1977, his music has never left the radio. Besides still being played on local stations with Oldies formats, Elvis hits ... Read More

SnapFM.com Helps You Easily Find Online Streams from AM and FM Radio Stations

Wednesday August 15, 2007
The people behind SnapFM.com have a pretty simple but smart idea: make online streams from terrestrial AM and FM stations available in an easy format for potential listeners. If you're ... Read More

Imus and CBS Radio Settle - Return to Airwaves Inevitable

Tuesday August 14, 2007
According to bloomberg.com: "CBS Corp. settled a dispute with radio-show host Don Imus, clearing the way for his return to broadcasting four months after he was fired for making racially ... Read More

Ralph Nader Wants Investigation of Plugs for GM Cars by Some National Talk Show Hosts

Tuesday August 14, 2007
Consumer advocate, Ralph Nader, is concerned over a practice of GM to woo national talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill Press, Ed Schultz, and others. In an ... Read More

40% Have Satellite Radio Capability in New Vehicles

Monday August 13, 2007
According to a new study by J.D. Power and Associates, "Nearly 40 percent of consumers report having satellite radio capability in their new-vehicle's audio system-marking a considerable increase from 26 ... Read More

Radio Contest Winner Dies on Cruise Ship He Won Trip On

Friday August 10, 2007
A Sydney, Australia man who won a cruise in a radio contest was found dead in one of the ship's toilets. According to news.com.au: "The 31-year-old man was found unconscious ... Read More

DJs From Water Intoxication Death: Radio Station "Hung Them Out to Dry"

Thursday August 9, 2007
Remember that morning show from KDND-FM in Sacramento, California, that wound up in hot water - then fired - because a contestant actually died from water intoxication after participating in ... Read More

Brits Plan 6-Day Celebration of Offshore Pirate Radio

Wednesday August 8, 2007
The days of British offshore Pirate Radio will be reignited - if only for a short time. Digitalspy.co.uk reports: "More than a dozen Sixties DJs will broadcast offshore again in a ... Read More

Mitt Romney Tussles with Des Moines Radio Host

Tuesday August 7, 2007
That's the report from a story published at boston.com. "...last Thursday, a conservative radio talk host in Des Moines, Iowa provoked him into a rare show of ire in a ... Read More

L.A.'s "Big Boy" Enters National Radio Syndication

Monday August 6, 2007
Los Angeles radio personality, Big Boy, is going national. According to a press release: "Today ABC Radio Networks announced a multi-year deal with Los Angeles...morning drive personality, Big Boy, to ... Read More

Possible Imus Replacement on WFAN: Boomer Esiason

Sunday August 5, 2007
That's that the word in a story by David Bauder at washingtonpost.com. "WFAN, the New York radio station that was Imus' flagship, is said to be close to naming former ... Read More

Get Your Own Community FM Radio Station from the F.C.C.

Saturday August 4, 2007
From blog.wired.com: "Between October 12th and 19th, the FCC will open a full-power non-commercial/educational FM radio station licensing window...that could be the last chance to grab some decent FM spectrum ... Read More

Rush Limbaugh Show Enters 19th Year

Friday August 3, 2007
As noted in this on-air transcript at rushlimbaugh.com on Wednesday: "It is August 1st, ladies and gentlemen, which is not just a big day here, it is a huge day ... Read More

"Little Buddy Radio" Keeps Bob & Dreama Denver's Dream Alive

Thursday August 2, 2007
Actor Bob Denver's widow, Dreama, is actively carrying on the radio dream that she and Bob began to benefit The Denver Foundation and the West Virginia community where they lived ... Read More

Christian Radio Station Minister Nabbed for DUI and Indecent Exposure

Wednesday August 1, 2007
Police in Johnson City, Virginia arrested a minister for DUI and indecent exposure. But, wait it gets better. According to wbir.com: "[Tommy] Tester urinated in front of children at a ... Read More

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