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Radio May 2007 Archive


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Get an XM Satellite Radio for $5.99

Thursday May 31, 2007
I got a mailing from XM Satellite Radio yesterday offering the Delphi Roady XT radio for $5.99. The MSRP on this item is $79.99. The best price I found on Pricegrabber ... Read More

Radio for Wine Lovers

Wednesday May 30, 2007
"Les Wines & Vines" is a radio show about wine host by Les Kincaid. Each show features 3 wines from the same winery with a live audience from Las Vegas ... Read More

Create Your Own Live Internet Radio Station at ubroadcast.com

Tuesday May 29, 2007
ubroadcast allows anyone to easily set up an Internet radio broadcast and begin transmitting almost instantly from any location with ubroadcast's software and an Internet connection. To this end, ubroadcast ... Read More

Flies Force Swedish Radio Station Off the Air

Monday May 28, 2007
A Swedish radio station, "Radio Active", was forced off the air by insects. Thelocal.se reports: "A radio station in Ystad was forced off the air for three hours on Wednesday ... Read More

10 Great Radio Videos

Sunday May 27, 2007
Here are 10 music videos featuring "Radio" as the theme. I think they're pretty good for one reason or another. But, of course, that's just my opinion. Hit the links ... Read More

Senator Herb Kohl of Wisconsin: Nix the XM-SIRIUS Merger

Friday May 25, 2007
As reported by news.com.com: " The chairman of the U.S. Senate's antitrust subcommittee on Wednesday urged regulators to block Sirius Satellite Radio's proposed acquisition of XM Satellite Radio Holdings. ... Read More

The Cost of 92.3 FREE-FM in NY: Few Listeners and Format Change

Thursday May 24, 2007
As reported by fmqb.com: "At 5pm today, the return of the WXRK call letters and 92.3 K-Rock will replace the failed experiment known as Free-FM. Anchored by O&A in the ... Read More

Internet Radio Update: A Break for Independent Webcasters?

Thursday May 24, 2007
According to a press release from SoundExchange: "SoundExchange today [5/22] offered to extend to small webcasters through 2010 the terms of prior legislation known as the Small Webcaster Settlement Act (SWSA) ... Read More

Man Will Eat Dead Dog on London Radio Show to Protest Royal Family

Wednesday May 23, 2007
From annanova.com: "An artist is launching a protest against the Royal Family - by eating a corgi. Mark McGowan, 37, will eat one of the Queen's favourite breed of dog ... Read More

God Smites XM's Satellite in Response to Recent Programming Events

Tuesday May 22, 2007
On Monday (5/21), XM Satellite Radio reported an outage of one of its satellites. The company was quick to characterize it as due to a "software upgrade". But, according ... Read More

XM Satellite Radio Owes Opie & Anthony Fans an Apology - and a Backbone

Monday May 21, 2007
Opie & Anthony weren't censored, they were censured by XM Satellite Radio and suspended to boot. But, look at XM's own words and you'll quickly see that their promise of ... Read More

Opie & Anthony Fans Cancel Subs, Smash Radios

Sunday May 20, 2007
I'm not sure XM Satellite Radio was prepared for the reaction to its 30-day suspension of Opie & Anthony from Channel 202/The Virus for a recent segment. It featured a ... Read More

Incensed Opie & Anthony Fan Creates CancelXM.com

Saturday May 19, 2007
Chris Lewis is one XM Satellite Radio subscriber who is incensed with the 30 day suspension give to Opie & Anthony by their employer over a recent offensive segment. In ... Read More

Air America Radio Relaunches With Version 2.0

Thursday May 17, 2007
...that's what the latest newsletter says: "Air America Radio today released a new website and ad campaign in conjunction with the official 'ReLaunch' of Air America 2.0 on Monday May ... Read More

Poll: Did XM Satellite Radio Suspend Opie & Anthony Because of Merger?

Wednesday May 16, 2007
It's a simple question and I'd like to know how what you think: If XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio were not waiting for approval of their merger, would XM still have ... Read More

XM Satellite Radio Suspends Opie & Anthony for 30 Days

Tuesday May 15, 2007
From an XM Press Release: XM Radio announced today that the company has suspended Gregg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia, hosts of "The Opie & Anthony Show" and ceased broadcast of ... Read More

Why is Pay Radio Being Treated Differently from Pay TV?

Tuesday May 15, 2007
Recently on the "Opie & Anthony Show" on XM Satellite Radio, a homeless man said hed like to have violent sex with Condoleezza Rice and Laura Bush. Some people were ... Read More

Miami DJ: Tracy Morgan Groped Me

Monday May 14, 2007
NBC star, Tracy Morgan, had a police report filed against him by a Miami DJ. According to ncbuy.com: "A disk jockey filed a misdemeanor battery complaint against comedian Tracy Morgan, ... Read More

The Imus Effect: CBS Drops Another Radio Show for Ethnic Slurs

Sunday May 13, 2007
According to cbstv.com: "One month after the firing of radio host Don Imus, a pair of suspended New York shock jocks have been permanently pulled from the air by CBS ... Read More

Opie & Anthony Apologize for Condoleezza Rice Sex Bit

Friday May 11, 2007
According to Fox News: "XM Satellite Radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony apologized Friday for airing a homeless man's crude comments that he'd like to have sex with Condoleezza Rice ... Read More

SIRIUS Satellite Radio Will Air "Radio Mom" This Weekend

Friday May 11, 2007
"Radio Mom" is SIRIUS Satellite Radios special Mothers Day weekend broadcast event which will air on Channel 119. It begins Friday at midnight EDT though the weekend. To hear a ... Read More

Cell Phone Penetration is Enabling Growth of Cell Phone Radio

Thursday May 10, 2007
Bridge Ratings just finished up a survey on cell phones and Radio. According to bridgeratings.com: "Cell phone pervasiveness will be a significant contributor to the success of cell phone radio." More ... Read More

James Brown on Radio Contributes to Man's Death

Wednesday May 9, 2007
Fox News reported a story out of New Britain, Connecticut, in which a man died trying to "outdo a rival" while "battle dancing". "James Brown was on the radio and ... Read More

New Boat Owners More Likely to Own Satellite Radio than New Car Owners

Tuesday May 8, 2007
According to autospectator.com: "...new-boat owners are more likely to subscribe to satellite radio than new-vehicle owners, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Marine Audio Report(SM) released today." Other Highlights ... Read More

Milwaukee Radio Host Expresses Glee Over Death of Rival's Mother

Monday May 7, 2007
According to themilwaukeechannel.com: "A former alderman and controversial radio talk show host said he's happy the mother of his radio rival is dead. Michael McGee Sr. made the comments during his ... Read More

CBS Firing Don Imus? Not Exactly Priceless: How About $120 Million

Friday May 4, 2007
ABC News reports: "Don Imus is going to sue CBS for $120 million, according to a draft copy of the complaint obtained by ABC News' Law & Justice Unit...Martin Garbus ... Read More

The Don Imus Issue: Offensive Speech vs. Free Speech

Friday May 4, 2007
Radio talk show host, Don Imus, was fired soon after he made a comment during his morning program about the Rutger women's basketball team looking like "nappy-headed hos". A firestorm ... Read More

Is Don Imus Getting Ready to Sue CBS Radio?

Thursday May 3, 2007
It appears Don Imus had about $40 million dollars left in payment on the 5-year contract he signed in 2006 with CBS Radio and word is, he'd like it. According ... Read More

Jim Frank Dies - Newsman to Famed DJ Larry Lujack

Wednesday May 2, 2007
Radio newsman, Jim Frank, has died of leukemia. He was 66. Frank is best known as the voice who provided news for famed Chicago DJ, Larry Lujack. Lujack was inducted ... Read More

How to Create Your Own Radio Jingles or Get Them Done Professionally for Peanuts

Tuesday May 1, 2007
A visitor to Radio.about.com wants to know how it is possible to create some good jingles for his radio program. Believe it or not, it can be done for almost ... Read More

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