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Radio February 2005 Archive


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Y100 Listeners: Mad as Hell And They’re Not Going to Take It Anymore!

Monday February 28, 2005
When there was only AM and FM during those archaic days before the World Wide Web, email, and Internet radio stations – listeners were helpless when a radio station changed ... Read More

XM Satellite Radio To Raise Basic Monthly Subscription Price

Monday February 28, 2005
Today XM Satellite Radio today announced a price increase in basic service to also include an expanded basic service package. The monthly subscription price for XM's basic service will increase ... Read More

Instatone Is Radio You Vote On

Sunday February 27, 2005
Looking for a new online listening experience? Instatone is a radio station attempting to be the first Internet station programmed by 100% voting. It's "a music-minded community comprised of ... Read More

The Lure of Radio Fame Captures Yet Another Dumb Criminal

Friday February 25, 2005
According to the Associated Press: "A caller to Chicago station WKSC-FM boasted about how he took part in a bank stick-up...and the FBI was able to trace the cellphone used ... Read More

XM Radio: What Exactly Is The Definition of Commercial-Free?

Thursday February 24, 2005
I recently received an email from an XM Satellite Radio subscriber who alleged he had heard "commercials" on some of the service's "commercial-free" channels. This prompted me to investigate, ask ... Read More

Corporate Pulls The Plug on Y100's Modern Rock Format in Philadelphia - 100Rocks.com Emerges

Thursday February 24, 2005
Y100Rock.com's website says: "On Thursday, February 24, 2005, 100.3fm, WPLY, Y100, was taken off the air. After nearly 12 years at 100.3, Alternative Rock disappeared from the Philadelphia radio landscape. ... Read More

SIRIUS Satellite Radio Grabs NASCAR Broadcast Rights From XM

Wednesday February 23, 2005
XM Satellite Radio has lost the rights to broadcast NASCAR racing after the 2006 season. Instead, the popular racing sport will be heard on SIRIUS Satellite Radio beginning in 2007. ... Read More

Songs by Subject: This Year's Oscars

Tuesday February 22, 2005
Each week, The Green Book of Songs By Subject provides a new list of songs for a particular topic exclusively to the Radio site at About.com. This week: Songs in Honor ... Read More

First Atlanta DJ Gets Fired and Now House Catches Fire

Monday February 21, 2005
So far, Februrary has been a pretty lousy month for Atlanta DJ, Porsche Foxx. First, WSAV-TV reports she was fired "six months after she was arrested [from V-103 FM ... Read More

Success Story: Club 977 Streams '80s Music to 4 Million Listeners Each Month

Monday February 21, 2005
Jeff Bachmeier has worked commercial radio, run an outlaw Pirate radio station, and even worked in the record business. Now, he runs the very successful "Club 977" Internet Radio station. ... Read More

Meltdown? Blogger's Report of Al Franken on Michael Medved's Show

Sunday February 20, 2005
From medvedfans.blog-city.com: "During the microphone check, Al Franken was cursing Michael, calling veteran John O'Neill a disgrace... he didn't think anyone in radio land would hear I suppose, but forgot ... Read More

Feds Launch Insider-Trading Probe Of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Over Howard Stern Deal

Saturday February 19, 2005
According to The New York Post: "The Securities and Exchange Commission has launched an insider-trading probe of shock jock Howard Stern's deal to join Sirius Satellite Radio. In the ... Read More

The State of Radio: A Conversation With Guglielmo Marconi and Edwin H. Armstrong

Friday February 18, 2005
A fictitious interview conducted by Radio Guide, Corey Deitz, with two of Radio’s most prominent but dead founding fathers about the current state of Radio. Read the interview. (Satire/Humor) Updated: Shop ... Read More

New Book Untangles Internet Music Choices For Webcasting and Streaming Audio

Thursday February 17, 2005
Fans of Internet webcasts and streaming audio now have access to a jargon-free guide to online music services. The newly published guide, "The Music Internet Untangled: Making The New Online ... Read More

House Passes Indecency Bill to Increase Fines to $500,000

Wednesday February 16, 2005
The House of Representatives has passed a modified version of the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005 (H.R. 310) which would increase the penalties to $500,000 per instance for violations ... Read More

Australian Talk Show Hosts Ordered To Apologize Over Gay Comment

Wednesday February 16, 2005
News.com.au reports: SYDNEY talkback hosts John Laws and Steve Price have been ordered to make on-air apologies for calling The Block's gay renovators Gav and Waz "poofs". But Laws said ... Read More

Motorola's iRadio Will Put Internet Radio Streams Into Your Cell Phone

Tuesday February 15, 2005
Motorola's iRadio will mobilize hundreds of commercial-free Internet radio channels and incorporate a user's personal music collection to provide a listening experience for home, in the car, or on the ... Read More

Songs by Subject: Presidents' Day

Tuesday February 15, 2005
Each week, The Green Book of Songs By Subject provides a new list of songs for a particular topic exclusively to the Radio site at About.com. This week: President's Day. Radio ... Read More

XM Satellite Radio Launches 24-Hour Major League Baseball Channel

Tuesday February 15, 2005
Today XM Satellite Radio will launch the nation’s first 24-hour radio channel devoted exclusively to Major League Baseball. The "MLB Home Plate" channel will feature news, listener call-in shows, interviews, ... Read More

How To Have A Cost-Free Radio Valentine's Day Online

Monday February 14, 2005
Listen: Online Radio For Romantics Here... Listen: Stations With A "KISS" To Listen To Radio Romance Trivia: Can you name the radio personality who pioneered Romance-style radio programming? The Answer. Modern Day Radio ... Read More

Popular South African DJ Commits Suicide

Saturday February 12, 2005
AllAfrica.com reports: "... Radio Energy's Benny Kamati...better known as BK to his listeners, is believed to have committed suicide in Windhoek on Wednesday." Full Story. Related: Radio DJ Deaths: The "Crash ... Read More

Satellite Radio in iPods?

Friday February 11, 2005
Ft.com reports: "Mel Karmazin, chief executive officer of Sirius Satellite Radio, has had discussions with Apple about incorporating satellite radio into iPods..." Full Story. Related: A Step by Step Comparison of ... Read More

Wendy Williams Finds Radio Outlet In Los Angeles

Thursday February 10, 2005
The nationally syndicated "Wendy Williams Experience" has landed another major market affiliate: KKBT "The Beat" in Los Angeles. Read more. More: Profile of Wendy Williams Blog Archive: Is Wendy Williams' Radio Show ... Read More

XM Satellite Radio Revs Up 2005 NASCAR Season

Wednesday February 9, 2005
XM Satellite Radio is kicking off the 2005 NASCAR season this week with live, comprehensive coverage on NASCAR Radio (XM Channel 144) and a host of special events for NASCAR ... Read More

Radio Commercials: Don't Just Play Less....Make Them Better

Tuesday February 8, 2005
A new survey says commercial-free music is the real draw for Satellite Radio and one of the reasons listeners are leaving traditional radio. Is there anything terrestrial stations can do ... Read More

Songs by Subject: Love Songs for Our Troops Separated From Loved Ones

Tuesday February 8, 2005
Each week, The Green Book of Songs By Subject provides a new list of songs for a particular topic exclusively to the Radio site at About.com. This week: Love Songs ... Read More

Freebies: The History of Pop Music and A Man Who Worked In It

Monday February 7, 2005
Freebie Alert #1: XM Satellite Radio offers complete playlists of every Number One record for each decade: 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. These are free to download. Get ... Read More

How To Ruin Valentines Day: Girlfriend Finds Out Boyfriend Is Married On Radio Show

Saturday February 5, 2005
This is a classic excerpt from Andy Savage at 93.7 "The Edge". It's a little game called "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not". Listen as a guy's girlfriend accidently ... Read More

Steve Stone Joins WSCR, 670 in Chicago - "The Score" For Radio Baseball Duties

Friday February 4, 2005
Chicago sports station, WSCR, 670 "The Score" has hired former Major League baseball player and sports broadcaster, Steve Stone. Besides his own show, he'll be handling other duties. Read More.

Rated Online Radio Networks Approach Five Million Listeners

Thursday February 3, 2005
Today Arbitron and comScore Media Metrix announced results for the December 2004 survey period rating the three charter subscribers and Yahoo!’s LAUNCHcast is the current leader. More Results.

XM Satellite Radio To Offer Dr. Laura and G. Gordon Liddy

Thursday February 3, 2005
XM Satellite Radio will become the new satellite radio home to national talk radio personalities Dr. Laura Schlesinger and G. Gordon Liddy, beginning mid-February when XM launches its new talk ... Read More

Songs by Subject: Super Bowl XXXIX

Tuesday February 1, 2005
Each week, The Green Book of Songs By Subject provides a new list of songs for a particular topic exclusively to the Radio site at About.com. This week: Super Bowl XXXIX ... Read More

Verdict on Hot 97 Tsunami Song Parody: You're Fired

Tuesday February 1, 2005
FMQB.com reports: "WQHT (Hot 97)/New York and Emmis Communications have announced the termination of morning show personality Todd Lynn and producer Rick Delgado, effective immediately. Emmis will also make a ... Read More

The Michael Jackson Trial: Will Radio Be Afraid To Still Play His Hits?

Tuesday February 1, 2005
Now that the jury selection phase of the much anticipated Michael Jackson child molestation trial is underway, Radio programmers are faced with the task of deciding whether or not listeners ... Read More

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