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Radio December 2003 Archive


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Popular Indianapolis Radio DJ Charged Charged With Rape

Wednesday December 31, 2003
A popular Indianapolis Radio personality has been arrested and charged with rape. Robert Adam Ritz, from WRZX-FM (X103) declined to answer questions. Read more.

Arbitron: 7 Holiday Stations Rank Within Top 50 in Internet Broadcast Ratings

Wednesday December 31, 2003
Seven Holiday stations were ranked within the top 50 in the Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings for the week of December 8. AOL Classic Holiday was ranked number one. See more ... Read More

WNEW-FM Changes Format Again - 6th One This Year

Tuesday December 30, 2003
Radio Ink is reporting WNEW-FM, New York - the station that fired Opie & Anthony in August of 2002 - changed its format for the 6th time this year on ... Read More

The Best and Worst In Radio During 2003

Tuesday December 30, 2003
It's time for the 2003 Crudlie Awards! Yes, it's the best and worst from 2003. Okay - truth be told - it's just the worst things that happened in Radio ... Read More

Over One Thousand Top U.S. Radio Stations Now Interactive With 'YES'

Monday December 29, 2003
Have you ever heard a song on the Radio but the DJ didn't announce who it was? Wouldn't it be great if you could look it up on the 'Net ... Read More

Chinese Radio Station Goes For 'Red Car' Record

Saturday December 27, 2003

The Virtual DJ - The Vibrator Call from Jeff & Jer/XL-102

Friday December 26, 2003
This is a classic prank phone call to a woman who is told the vibrator she recently purchased is defective. It's is presented as an animated Virtual DJ.

Radio Talk Show Host Limbaugh's Med Records Resealed By Judge

Friday December 26, 2003
PalmBeachDailyNews.com is reporting the judge who ordered Rush Limbaugh's medical records UNSEALED for prosecutors to view has now "stayed" (judicially postponed) his original order for 15 days. Prosecutors want to ... Read More

Australian Radio Announcer's Christmas Idea Still Going Strong After 65 Years

Thursday December 25, 2003
From radioinfo.com.au, in a story by Jason Ford, comes interesting background on a yearly event in Melbourne, Australia called "Carols By Candlelight". For the past 65 years, residents ... Read More

iBIZ Technology Ships Industry's First FM Radio for the PDA Market

Wednesday December 24, 2003
If your PDA does everything but play your favorite FM Radio station, good news: The first FM Radio for PDAs is now available for a variety of PDAs. Is yours ... Read More

Rush Limbaugh Attorney Claims Radio Talk Show Host Was Blackmailed

Tuesday December 23, 2003
According to a report in Sun-Sentinel.com, Rush Limbaugh's attorney, Roy Black, says the conservative talk-show host was "blackmailed" for a year by his former housekeeper. The story goes on to ... Read More

Edmonton Radio Station K-Rock Plays Santa To Struggling Single Mom

Tuesday December 23, 2003
WHAT MAKES RADIO STILL GREAT: 97.3 K-Rock, Edmonton's Classic Rock, raised just over $3,000 with the help of listeners to come to the aid of a struggling single mother of ... Read More

9 True Things You May Not Know About Radio People

Monday December 22, 2003
From our weirdness to our wardrobes - from our divorce rate to why we get fired so much. What's the deal? All will be revealed! 9 true things you may ... Read More

Britain's Notorious Shock Jock, Chris Evans, Back On Radio 1 - But Only Briefly

Monday December 22, 2003
Mirror.uk.co reports British Radio presenter (DJ) Chris Evans, the one-time Radio 1 Breakfast Show star, was back on-the-air for just a few minutes last week as a caller ... Read More

Anniversary of Radio/TV talk-show host Larry King's Arrest

Saturday December 20, 2003
Rotten.com reports that on December 20, 1971 - 32 years ago, talk-show host Larry King was arrested in Miami on charges of grand larceny. Mugshots.com reports King "was in ... Read More

Arbitron: Virgin Radio Is #1 Commercial Internet Broadcaster in November

Saturday December 20, 2003
According to the Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings, Virgin Radio was the #1 Commercial Internet Broadcaster in November. MusicMatch Artist Match was the #1 non-commercial 'Net stream. Read more and see ... Read More

Alice Cooper To Get Syndicated Radio Show

Friday December 19, 2003
The man who was chopping his head off on stage when Marilyn Manson was still throwing up baby food, Alice Cooper, is getting his own Radio show. The original shock-rocker, ... Read More

San Antonio Congressman Intros Bill To Ban 8 Words And Phrases From Radio

Thursday December 18, 2003
If Congressman Lamar Smith gets his way, nobody will utter on Radio (or TV) the 8 words or phrases included in the bill he has introduced. Read more AND read ... Read More

Nick Tansley Fired - Last Stunt: Pushing People's Hands Up A Turkey's Butt

Wednesday December 17, 2003
91ZM, Wellington, New Zealand says Nick Tansley has been let go from their morning wake-up crew. He went out with class. His last on-air stunt was shoving people's hands up ... Read More

How To Get Booked As An Expert On Radio And Other Major Media Outlets

Wednesday December 17, 2003
Want publicity on the Radio? Annie Jennings of Annie Jennings PR offers the Top 10 Tips to becoming a sought-after media expert. Read More

SIRIUS Becomes The Official Satellite Radio Partner of the National Football League

Tuesday December 16, 2003
SIRIUS Satellite Radio has joined forces with the National Football League to offer live broadcasts of NFL Games. Plus, a new stream of NFL content will be available 24-hours-a-day for ... Read More

Play: Did It Really Happen In 2003?

Tuesday December 16, 2003
Did it REALLY happen during 2003 in Radio? Play this short game in quiz format and see how many 'news items' you can identify that really happened - or didn't. ... Read More

Kim Kommando Makes It Into Trivial Pursuit

Monday December 15, 2003
If you get the "20th Anniversary Year Edition" of Trivial Pursuit, you may get this question: “Who earned the moniker `Digital Goddess’ while hosting a radio show?” Answer: Kim Komando! ... Read More

Rochester Radio's 'Unkle Rog' Shot To Death

Sunday December 14, 2003
Roger McCall, known as "Unkel Rog", A long-time DJ on WCMF-FM in Rochester, New York was killed Friday night by a shotgun blast. Read more.

Saddam Hussein Captured - The Radio Address That Began It All

Sunday December 14, 2003
This morning, It was announced Saddam Hussein was captured by coalition forces in Iraq. Here is President George W. Bush's Radio Address from March 22, 2003, announcing the beginning of ... Read More

Arbitron: AOL Radio@Network and LAUNCH Top-Ranked Commercial Internet Broadcasters

Saturday December 13, 2003
Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings has just released the latest rankings for streaming Radio stations. AOL Radio@Network and LAUNCH came out on top. Read more.

What Christmas Sounded Like On Radio In 1929

Friday December 12, 2003
Here's a download offered by the Old Time Radio website, Radio Days. It's a 4 minute mp3 file that features the KHJ (Los Angeles) performers singing Christmas songs in 1929. ... Read More

Radio In 2003: Some Of The Weirder Moments

Thursday December 11, 2003
Radio is not your everyday kind of business. It has weird people in it and they do even weirder things. On the other hand, sometimes people NOT in Radio ... Read More

WCBS-FM and WUSN-FM Debut On AOL Radio Services

Wednesday December 10, 2003
Radio@AOL and Radio@AOL for Broadband just added two high-profile terrestrial stations to it's webcasts: New York City's WCBS-FM and Chicago's WUSN-FM. More are coming, too. Full Story.

Female Caller In Car Accident While Talking Live On WABC

Wednesday December 10, 2003
A bizarre twist on "reality Radio" - According to Eyewitness News, Channel 7 in New York City, Cheryl Picker was on-the-air at WABC-AM when she pulled off the road onto ... Read More

Ryan Seacrest To Replace Casey Kasem On "American Top 40"

Tuesday December 9, 2003
Word is, Ryan Seacrest - the 29-year-old popular L.A. DJ and "American Idol" TV host is set to replace Casey Kasem on "American Top 40". Various reports over the past ... Read More

Christmas On The Radio

Tuesday December 9, 2003
Working in Radio during the holidays has its own special feeling. Allow me to share with you a few personal thoughts about this holiday season.

DJ Neil Fox, Host of "Hit 40 UK" Resigns

Monday December 8, 2003
Fox has been doing the UK Countdown Show for 10 years. He says his workload and other responsibilities, including his gig at Capital FM, just made it impossible to ... Read More

DJ's Mummified Body Found Behind Wall In Club

Sunday December 7, 2003
Man is this a bizarre story! According to the National Post, the mummified body of DJ Eduardo Sanchez was found "entombed behind a wall in the basement" of a popular ... Read More

Paul Harvey Under Fire From Islamic Civil Liberties Group For Radio Comments

Sunday December 7, 2003
Recent comments by syndicated Radio commentator, Paul Harvey, have come under fire from the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Find out why.

Radio Crime Blotter: 1 DJ Dead, 1 DJ Jailed

Friday December 5, 2003
Lafollette, Tennessee: DJ Jerry Monday and his wife were found DEAD in their home Friday. Details of how they died have not yet been released. Monday was the morning ... Read More

Radio Feud Continues: Imus And Stern Exchange Insults On-Air

Friday December 5, 2003
Long-time Radio rivals, Don Imus and Howard Stern got into a verbal confrontation yesterday when Imus ran a skit spoofing Stern's girlfriend and Stern phoned into Imus' show. Read more

Italian DJ Training To Be First DJ In Space

Thursday December 4, 2003
The Australian is reporting an Italian DJ wants to become the first DJ in space. He's 38-year-old Roberto Ferrari and says he is already training in Moscow as an astronaut. ... Read More

Long Island Radio Station Apologizes For Ruining Christmas

Wednesday December 3, 2003
This past Monday morning, John Praise, the morning guy at WBAB, 102.3 FM, announced to his listeners that "there is no Santa Claus". Naturally, some people were pretty upset ... Read More

Make Extra Money As A Mobile DJ

Wednesday December 3, 2003
Being a Mobile DJ is easier than it used to be and the pay is excellent. Plus, the software and hardware tools available today can not only make you sound ... Read More

Santa: Meet Your New Consultant

Tuesday December 2, 2003
When a Radio station is doing so well in the ratings, sometimes it will hire a consultant. Radio consultants get paid to change things. Generally, they change things ... Read More

BBC's 5 LIVE Gets New Breakfast Host

Monday December 1, 2003
The BBC has announced that Shelagh Fogarty will be the new Breakfast co-host on BBC Radio Five Live. Read more.

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