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Dublin Radio Station Under Fire for Airing Suicidal Man's Call

By January 14, 2013

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A Dublin, Ireland radio station and host are coming under fire for an incident where Jeremy Dixon broadcast a threatened suicide on air.

During the FM104 Phoneshow, a caller stated he was on the ledge of an overpass with a knife. Dixon spoke with the man for about an hour until the man eventually hung up. He was later talked down by police, according to dailydot.com.

Social media buzzed during the incident with some listeners siding with Dixon, other against him - citing the fact that he broke for commercials at one point and then picked back up with the suicide caller.

Some likened the affair to the somewhat recent prank call by Australian radio personalities to a UK hospital caring for Kate Middleton which led to a nurse's suicide. They are suggesting radio stations need better strategies for crisis management.

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January 20, 2013 at 9:57 am
(1) Mazzy Knight says:

Without some system for dealing with this situation, it can be difficult to deal with and all live radio shows that invite public participation are at risk of this kind of contact. Planet Maz Radio (PMR) has a niche audience of mainly transgender people like me (some of whom are at risk of suicide, myself included) and their friends, families and allies. It is because of people like these that I set up PMR in June 2011. Twice I have had to deal with attempted suicides but, thankfully, not on air. My way of dealing with this on air possibility is to announce that I will be only playing music for a while, then continue the call in private for as long as it takes. If necessary and possible, I will take steps to contact the police to help the person. Having a global audience could make this difficult but I will do everything I can to save a life. Later this year, I will be training to be a Samaritans volunteer in my hometown in the UK as they have no transgender volunteers in the area and I have experiences that will be very useful to them. It will also help me to deal with the transgender support side of PMR.

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