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Shooting Fallout: Kesha's 'Die Young' Song Being Yanked Off Playlists

By December 18, 2012

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There are various reports today that "Die Young" by Kesha is being pulled from radio station playlists in reaction to the Newtown, Conneticut shootings. Last week the song was a Top 5 hit or better at some stations. According to mercurynews.com: "By Saturday, airplay dropped by 3 million listeners. By Monday, 'Die Young' took a big hit on the radio, dropping down to 148 million listeners, a 19 million drop from what was a pretty steady rotation before the shootings." (Kesha performing in 2011, Photo: Peter Neill, Creative Commons)

It's not the first time radio has turned its back on music because of societal events. In 2003 various stations banned Michael Jackson music in response to his child molestation trial.

In 2001, after 9/11, Clear Channel Radio allegedly compiled a list of banned songs considered in "bad taste."

In 1968, Chicago Mayor Daley ordered local radio stations not to play "Street Fighting Man" while the Democratic National Convention was in town in anticipation of riots.

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December 18, 2012 at 7:01 pm
(1) Newt says:

This makes me immediately want to run out, listen to it, and possibly even buy it. Anytime people don’t want you to read or hear something, that’s a red-flag. If that’s because of an unpleasant reality we’d rather not think about, doubly so.

December 18, 2012 at 7:04 pm
(2) Laurel says:

Besides, Ke$ha didn’t make this song in any disrespect to what happened, It has nothing to do with the shooting and therefore shouldn’t be in any way associated with it.. It’s just music. People need to not take themselves so seriously.

December 18, 2012 at 8:16 pm
(3) Nicole says:

Well that is just flipping ridiculous. She made the song before this happened. Are we going to start banning all songs…I mean, if we are going to ban this song then we better ban “Pumped up Kicks”. Look, this was a tragedy, but where is the outrage when hundreds if not thousands of children are murdered each year in this country. Why is this one incident so much more of an outrage than that?

December 18, 2012 at 9:01 pm
(4) Danielle says:

I agree with the last comment about the “pumped up kicks” song. The song begins with: “Roberts got a quick hand. He’ll look around the room, he wont tell you his plan. He’s got a rolled ciggarette hanging out his mouth hes a cowboy kid. Yeah he found a six shooter gun. In his dads closet hidden in a box of fun things, and I dont even know what. But hes coming for you yeah hes coming for you. All you other kids with the pumped up kicks better run better run out run my gun all you other kids with the pumped up kids better run better run out run my bullet.” Now tell me thats justs not wrong?????????

December 19, 2012 at 3:03 am
(5) Tabitha says:

This song is garbage. Lyrics encourage violence. Kesha is an illuminati puppet. She wrote the songe but was forced to sing it?

So much darkness, not what this world needs right now. Glad they took it off the airwaves.

December 19, 2012 at 8:40 am
(6) Joelle says:

Don’t know why I am posting here, but I am about to reach the end of my rope, so I need to vent! This is getting out of control. We as a society need to address the two REAL issues here which are mental health and guns NOT song title or lyrics. Sandy Hook was such a horrible tragedy and as a mother of two girls I am still reeling that this has happened and HAS BEEN happening. My heart aches for those affected and I pray that they are able to find a way through their despair. A Kesha song, REALLY??? No matter if the music may be in poor taste, it was played heavily before the shootings and people loved it. My girls listen to POP music and that song was played on every radio station at least 10 times a day!! People will always try to make a connection to stupid lyrics in a song as if playing the song to the masses will cause someone to snap and murder others. That’s just not the case – it’s just a song, people! It really is just a coincidence that the title is “Die Young”…that’s it, nothing more. Now the song title is probably going to bother some people in light of what has happened, and that’s okay. For those who are so bothered, there is a simple solution: change the radio station or don’t by her album, get her concert tickets, etc. Please hear me…I don’t want any “extra sensitive” people making decisions for me about what’s appropriate FOR ME to listen to. I would like to be able to make that decision for my self. This is still America, isn’t it?

December 19, 2012 at 3:54 pm
(7) Kcguyy says:

I think this is BS! This song is relative to real life and wasn’t I tented to disrespect anyone, especially children in this recent tragedy

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