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Mark Lloyd, the Chief Diversity Officer at the Federal Communications Commission, continues to stir controversy. Recently, a coalition of groups formed to support his appointment while critics continue to question his ideas are calling for Lloyd to answer questions from lawmakers. Read more. (Screenshot: YouTube.com)
November 1, 2009 at 9:40 pm
(1) Mike Misczuk says:

What is an FCC Diversity Officer? Something new from those in government, who are on the left of the political spectrum, and hope to damage conservative and libertarian radio. I’ll speak for myself. I do not want to hear what the kiddies are doing at the high school and I do not want to hear debates on local infrastructure. Area radio stations do very little of it. It does not make money. It is boring. Public radio gets its money from the taxpayers and they are obviously and openly on the left.
A NPR telethon done possibly a month ago was evidence of that. The man on the microphone said that callers should not tell him “progressives do not have money” and that he knew progressives who had money [for donations].
I live in Orange County, NY. It may have been the Albany station. This FCC diversity is more failure from the left. They do not build factories, they do not create a better car, nor jobs (versus make-work projects), and they cannot put together a good radio show to compete at the highest level. So, they will make laws and rules and regulations for what they deem to be a better world.

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