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Slacker Mobile App Brings Radio to the BlackBerry

By January 9, 2009

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Straight out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas comes word of the free Slacker Personal Mobile application for BlackBerry smartphones.

If you own one, the app will let you stream Slacker radio stations on-the-go (whether your phone is connected to a wireless network or not).

According to a press release: "Slacker station caching, an exclusive feature for BlackBerry smartphones, enables mobile listeners to store favorite stations on a memory card, allowing Slacker music service to play without a network connection..."

Slacker offers thousands of stations, some programmed by pros, others programmed by individual Slacker users.

The Slacker Personal Radio Mobile can be downloaded at www.slacker.com/blackberry. (Available to U.S. customers, requires Device Software version 4.3 and higher.)

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April 18, 2010 at 1:18 am
(1) A.Lizard says:

Sometimes, even “free” is too expensive. The “Stations” a user can create are apparently the songs of one or more specific artists in their database and/or whatever their algorithms think is related music. If it is possible to get Internet Radio stations that are not their synthetic versions, e.g. by entering the URL of a real one with it, I can’t figure out how.

If your tastes aren’t pretty mainstream, their artist collection will be pretty useless to you. I entered “Kirlian Camera” (industrial / EBM) … what came out was WTF?

RadioBee cost me $5 (including the adware), it works like a streaming Internet Radio client does on a personal computer. Unless you can find another Blackberry Internet Radio client that doesn’t phone home, preferably in freeware, get RadioBee instead.

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